Custom Accommodation, Attraction, Event, Restaurant and Retail Page Specifications

Your Customized Page Includes:

  • Standard Features
  • 1 Main page (up to 300 words total)
  • 1 Color logo
  • 1 Color photo

Standard features include the following:

  • Full contact information including an email address to use for the public
  • link to your existing website
  • link to your Facebook page
  • link to your Twitter page
  • Unlimited calendar event listings
  • Unlimited restaurant listings

File Formats Accepted:

All images and logos must be in either .jpeg or .gif format, no smaller than 500 pixels each side, and high resolution images are preferred.

When submitting text, it is best to be in .txt or plain text format. Word .doc's are also accepted. Please provide any URL's in the text document as well.

Images and text must be in the possession of AJR Media Group by the deadline before the page can go live.

Samples of each page type:

(Samples from, and

Did you also purchase a downloadable .PDF and/or video with your content plan?
Don't forget to upload them! (Specifications below)

File Size
Downloadable Brochure
.pdf only
(we cannot accept ibrochures)
5MB Max
Streaming Video
.avi, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv, YouTube
95MB Max

Max run time for video is 10 mins.
File must be uploaded at or by mailing a DATA DVD.

(File must be burned as a DATA FILE on disc)

An additional $95 fee will be invoiced for videos that require acquisition from the YouTube site and permission to acquire must be provided in writing.

Featured Video
.avi, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv, YouTube
95MB Max

File Submissions & Deadlines

Submit files for your content page, downloadable brochure and/or video at All content page materials (including brochure and videos) are due the 15th the month before the start of the billing period. For more information, please email


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