eNewsletter Specifications

Featured Spotlight Specifications

  • 300 words of copy
  • 2 photos - min. width 400 px
  • 1 logo
  • Three external hyperlinks
  • Full contact information

Featured Placement Specifications

  • 100 words of copy
  • 1 photo - 230 x 230
  • URL to link to

eNewsletter Banner Specifications

  • Medium Rectangle Position
  • 300x250 pixels
  • Static .gif or .jpeg image
  • 50KB file weight max

eNewsletter Header Image Specifications

  • 1 image no smaller than 450 x 180: note that a small part of the left side of the image will be cut off.  The focus of the image should be in the center or on the right side of the photo submitted. Note: this is not an AD SPACE, it is a PHOTO of your event or attraction.
  • Descriptor: NOT a sentence and NOT a paragraph, just a descriptor - i.e. Lubbock Nightlife or The Outlets at The Boardwalk
  • URL that it should link to
  • File Format: .jpg

Plano, Texas

Please upload your materials to: http://materials.ajrmediagroup.com.

Please send the materials no later than MONTH AHEAD 15TH. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Sample eNewsletters:

Exclusive Contest Specifications

  • 300 words of copy
  • 2 photos - min. width 300 px
  • 1 logo
  • ARV (approximate retail value of prize)
  • Prizing associated with the contest

All materials must be in the possession of AJR Media Group by the deadline before the page can go live. ALL contest prizing, in addition to the creative materials must be in by the deadline in order to go live. Please mail your prizing to our main office at

AJR Media Group
c/o Contest Fulfillment Department
25132 Oakhurst Drive, Suite 201
Spring, Texas 77386

Click here for a sample of an exclusive contest »
(sample from TourTexas.com)

File Formats Accepted:

All images and logos must be in either .jpeg or .gif format, no smaller than 500 pixels each side, and high resolution images are preferred.

When submitting text, it is best to be in .txt or plain text format. Word .doc's are also accepted. Please provide any URL's in the text document as well.

File Submissions & Deadlines

Submit files for your featured spotlight, eNews banner or exclusive contest at http://Materials.AJRMediaGroup.com. All materials are due the 15th the month before the start of the billing period.

For more information, please email Help@AJRMediaGroup.com.


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